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Waltay Electronic Hardware & Plastic Co. commenced its commercial production in 2005. Now we have come a long way and are operating with over 500 employees. Suppose you require accuracy in aluminum extrusion parts or CNC machining parts, Waltay Mahching, in that case, has got the technology and expertise to deliver precision and consistency.

Whether you need machining of your complicated aluminum extruded prototypes, finished parts, or assembled parts, we can give support to your needs with the latest technology along with an experienced machining team. We ensure to remain a robust CNC machined parts supplier that keeps pace according to your production demands.

We remain committed to offer high accuracy, precision, and consistency to our customers. We continually analyze and improve our multi-pallet vertical and horizontal CNC machining parts processing to improve efficiency and performance.

As a prominent CNC Machined Parts supplier, we have been manufacturing and supplying SMPS enclosure, rack mount chassis, sheet metal fabrication, plastic injection parts, lathing parts, CNC mechanical turning parts, and aluminum extrusion parts for 15 years.

To remain competitive with fellow Aluminum extrusion parts suppliers, we look for maintaining the required standard in terms of quality and speed of CNC parts.

Best CNC Machined Parts Supplier

By using cutting rigorous attitude, and edge technology, we have received the ISO 9001 quality certificate that supports the manufacturing of CNC milling machines, in-house tooling machine, CNC turning machines, plastic injection equipment, and secondary machining services.

To raise capacity as a CNC machined parts manufacturer, we make necessary strategic investments in new machinery. We also invest in hiring skilled workers.

Our CNC machined parts can be used in a wide range of industries, which is a hallmark of us as a reputed CNC Machined Parts supplier. With quality CNC machined parts, we grab the clients’ trust. We believe to the core that through our continuous efforts, we will arrive at the win-win with our customers.

As a sought-after CNC machined parts manufacturer, we have employed skilled workers for machining service, authoritarian management, advanced technology, which is our foundation for continuous development and expansion.

The durability of Waltay Machining’s CNC machining parts undergoes a wide range of control processes to make sure that they can sustain regular use.

SBy choosing us, you can get benefit from more than just a varied kind of CNC precision items. Being the highy-rated CNC machined parts manufacturer, we can always give you many other pros related to quality. Our CNC machined products are designed to comply with ASTM, ROHS, REACH, ISO, and other international standards.


CNC machined CCD camera housing

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