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Waltay Machining is seen as one of the top Aluminum extrusion parts suppliers in China. With the production and expansion of sales scale, we already have large production facility located in Shenzhen. We are providing advanced equipment, powerful technology, and a wide range of aluminum extrusion parts.

Waltay Machining as a prominent CNC Machined Parts supplier offers a wide range of aluminum extrusion parts for industrial and construction applications; all are built with top quality and with top-notch surface treatment. We provide various aluminum extrusion parts including SMPS enclosure, rack mount chassis, sheet metal fabrication, plastic injection parts, lathing parts, and CNC aluminum extrusion part.

We customize special extrusion parts too that are based on drawings and requirements of customers. To ensure effectively that the product quality meets the quality standards of different regions, we carry out manufacturing in strict accordance with EN12020, EN755, ASTM AA, and GB5237 standard.

Our professional and experienced engineers and operators are our valuable assets. Our tooling department contains modern equipment and tools, allowing them to produce all kinds of aluminum extrusion parts and products.

Quality Aluminum Extrusion Parts Manufacturer in China

We produce aluminum extrusion parts with consistency meeting our clients’ function, fit, requirement, and aesthetic needs, which is imperative to our aluminum extrusion part and CNC Mechanical Turning Parts production business. We use advanced equipment to provide precision that meets the standard tolerances.

Our manufacturing and sales staff take massive pride to ensure every job gets the best personnel irrespective of whether it is complicated or simple stamping. You can thoroughly regard our organization as your technical partner for your aluminum extrusion part needs.

Being among of the leading Aluminum extrusion parts suppliers, our corporate relationships are not built on commercially viable standards, but on our commitment towards our customers on providing the flawless quality reliability and standard for fabrication, aluminum extrusion parts, CNC Mechanical Parts, and CNC machining parts.

Every extrusion part produced has the advantage of decades of experience related to metal fabrication. From sourcing to production, we provide out and out quality that makes us unique from other Aluminum extrusion parts suppliers. The combination of Waltay Machining’s speed and craftsmanship produce the finest CNC and other part at affordable prices.



Product name: OEM aluminum parts

Power supply enclosures, housings and so on.

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